Canby MN Area Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 115

Canby, MN  56220-015

Phone not available at this time.

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Hometown Holidays Will Be Back Next Year!!!

This year, you missed: 



Holiday Candy & Cookie Sale

Women’s Festival

FREE Bowling for Kids

Holiday Movies at the Theatre



Movies at the Theatre

Kids Shopping Mall

Santa Claus Visits

Hot Chocolate

Living Nativity

Parade of Lights


Tree Lighting

Fireworks Display

Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce!

Upcoming Events:        DECEMBER 8th

    Pancakes & Pajama, with Santa & Mrs Claus  

                        At The Connection

              8:30am-10:30am & 11:30-1:30pm

    Canby 4 Kids sponsored FREE Movie:  1PM

    Swedish trio performs at Canby Library  1PM

Christmas is just around the corner! 

Shop Canby to save time…

Support your Friends and Neighbors!  

Shop Local!!!


Chamber Meeting:

December 12th, 2018

Noon to 1 pm

Canby Inn & Suites


See our FaceBook page for information on Canby’s business activities, announcements of sales, and special events!

Enjoy happy treats from US to YOU!

Annual Events

Spring Showcase*

Canby Hat Daze & Fly-In

(Father’s Day Weekend)

Summer Music on Mondays

(Central Park)

Yellow Medicine County Fair


Cobra Fest

(2nd weekend in July)

Crazy Days

Kids Night Out

(1st week in August)

Fall Fest*


Hometown Holiday

(1st weekend in December)


*Watch this space for 2019 dates

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